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Foreign Exchange
AU 10066.259957.62
Source : Bank Indonesia
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Jenis DanaHarga Unit 26/2Harga Unit 25/2
Bond Fund2588.01122579.9821
Money Market Fund1719.98631719.7376
Equity Fund5400.88355396.7379
Balanced Progressive Fund3842.24283834.5425
Equity Dynamic Fund1783.82561781.0048
Equity Syariah Fund2172.62852171.6626
Balanced Syariah Fund1506.77191505.0031
Dynamic Strategic Fund1144.49551143.4911
Platinum Bond Fund1051.70551048.7836
Platinum Money Market Fund1119.92061119.7605
Platinum Equity Fund1210.93411209.8007
Platinum Equity Dynamic Fund1174.70231173.0582
Platinum Dynamic Strategic Fund1177.69091176.7358
USD Balanced Fund0.99660.9934
COMM IDR Growth Portfolio1063.95821061.9369
COMM IDR Income Portfolio1049.31371046.4086